Don Carlos Pellas’ Vision

The brainchild of successful entrepreneur and native Nicaraguan Don Carlos Pellas, Guacalito de la Isla fulfills a dream to do something meaningful for his homeland and, ultimately, for all of Central America by using the region’s emerging sustainable tourism industry as a method for balancing fragile economies within local communities. His vision for Guacalito de la Isla is to create a unique eco-retreat at a special place in Nicaragua and share it with a select group of like-minded ambassadors—people who have fallen in love with this part of the world and wish to help save it. Together with Don Carlos’ wife Vivian, a prominent patron of the Nicaraguan community, the Pellas family is planting the seeds for a new society that will raise the standard of living in Central America.

We have been charged as stewards. Stewards of the Earth. Yet not only of our planet, but also of the cultures of its peoples. And as long as humanity has dwelled upon this wonderful world—each tribe sharing its ways with the others—our unalterable charge has never changed. And never will.
— Don Carlos Pellas