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Treetop Yoga

Journey to transformation through the practice of yoga and meditation. Our instructors tailor each session to your individual needs and levels and focus on what you need to receive from your practice. Daily shared Vinyasa flow sessions are offered and hosted on our treetop Yoga Pavilion overlooking the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua. Here the exercise is about moving the body and at the same time exploring the breath and wide range of motions in which the body can move. It is a choreographed performance exploring the creative possibilities and potential of an individual. These sessions are generally energising and relaxing alike. 

Private sessions are also available and allow you the undivided attention of the instructor who can tailor a program for you for the duration of your stay. Private yoga styles include Iyengar levels 1-3, Restorative or Gentle Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa Flow, and Introduction to Pranayama or Breath Meditation. Click below or visit our concierges to reserve your private yoga session during your stay.