The Hammam
Signature Ritual



The Hammam
Signature Ritual


Hammam means “spreader of warmth”.  In creating Mukul’s Hammam, we studied the sensual history of the Orient and its ancestral beauty traditions. Walking into a Hammam is like walking through time in a spacious and ornate sanctuary, a quiet retreat in an atmosphere of half-light, silence, seclusion and heat. Silence is an integral part of the cleansing process and helps the body and spirit liberate itself from excess and the superfluous. Guests come out of the Hammam session with a glow of sublime peace and euphoria.


The Hammam traditional ritual involves several steps to cleanse, detoxify, and help you relax.  Your experience starts at the navel stone, a heated platform at the center of our Hammam. Once your body and limbs are relaxed, you are stretched by your therapist to take away aches and pains. Following this, you’ll experience one of the world’s most ancient traditions, a black-soap cleanse, followed by a cascading cold-water rinse. This prepares your skin for an invigorating scrub, which leaves you soft and free of accumulated toxins and impurities.  After another rinse, a Ghassoul mask of Moroccan volcanic clay is applied to the body, face and hair.  After the Ghassoul has been washed off, you are enveloped by a sensual and refreshing mist of fl oral rose water.  The last step of this centuries-old practice of purification is the relaxing massage using pure Argan oil,Morocco’s precious youth elixir. 


  • Relaxing time on the heated Navel Stone
  • Stretching
  • Black Soap Cleanse
  • Exfoliating glove Scrub
  • Ghassoul Mask Body and Hair)
  • Massage


  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue