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La Reserva Home Sites

Perched high above the ocean at Guacalito de la Isla is the La Reserva neighborhood, a private residential enclave offering the most breathtaking ocean views in the country.

The La Reserva neighborhood is home to 49 families who value and respect the surrounding natural environment and Nicaraguan design, style, and tradition.

La Reserva’s design guidelines also govern each home’s building height and footprint, ensuring a preserved view of the ocean at all times for every neighbor in the community. Planned nature trails and discovery points are woven throughout the La Reserva neighborhood, offering residents a direct connection with nature and special places to reflect and unwind in spirit with the vision of Guacalito.

Home sites in the La Reserva neighborhood are still available, ranging from 2,500 sq. mt. to 9,500 sq. mt. with unobstructed views of ocean waves.